This course was offered during the Spring 2016 and Spring 2018 semesters at Harvard University by Professor Joost Vlassak. These notes have evolved over the course of these two classes and the updated notes are found on this page. For previous versions please refer to my Github at:

Section Notes

Section 1 - Sum of moments, moment balance, allowable loads, basic normal and shear stresses.

Section 2 - Thermal expansion, thermal stresses, statically indeterminate problems and generalized Hooke's law.

Section 3 - Permanent deflection of a beam, thermal ideal plasticity and residual stresses.

Section 4 - Torque, torsional stresses, 2nd moment of inertia and maximum shear stresses due to torsion.

Section 5 - Plastic zones in torsional stresses, shear flow, angle of twist and thin shell cylinder problems.

Section 6 - Non-uniform cross-section beam, parallel axis theorem, computing complex second moment of inertia and transformed sections problem.

Section 7 - Determining shear and bending moment curves, singularity function, determining absolute value of shear and bending moment.

Section 8 - Computing complex second moment of inertia, first moment with respect to neutral axis, obtain shear stress at a point in cross-section, determining principle planes and principal stresses.

Section 9 - Critical buckling load, Castigliano's theorem, computing deflection using method of work and energy.